I has returned

2008-12-17 20:25:19 by Gimgak

yes, I have now returned to newgrounds... as if anyone cares... :P

Whats life for, new series

2008-04-09 17:10:46 by Gimgak

Hello NGers, I'm making a new series called Whats life for! it uses simple animation, but i think the animations is better than my other flashes. Currently I'm working on episode #1. If it gets atleast an ok score i will continue with season 1 and if they are recieved well, I might make a second season etc. The main character's name is ricky. the person in the picture i provided is ricky in his own drawings, so the real thing will have better animations, thats just for the journal part of the series. Currently there are 5 charactors:
Ricky (main)
cheese (part of the main plot, you'll see)
richard (arch nemesis and fat dude)
Lania (small girl, part of the main plot in the later episodes)
rattie (comic relief)

Whats life for, new series

Blob Collab

2008-03-24 07:01:37 by Gimgak

Well, I'm in a collab that is almost finished and I'm gonna be co-d! WOOT!

Cursor Maze

2008-03-17 14:41:57 by Gimgak

Well, I'm happy my first game passed, It even got a score of 2.8!


2008-03-08 06:58:31 by Gimgak

Both my flashes passed!! YAY!